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The Lovers Story

They rode off into the sunset to collect the wizard to help them. A young maiden called Crystal, with long brown hair and green eyes had the horses reins in one hand and the other was free. The elf who was sat behind her was called Dashal, he had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, was holding on to Crystals waist so he wouldn’t fall of the horse. They needed help from a wizard to stomp out the darkness and let freedom, light and glory cover the lands to shine out the light. They had one of the darkness’ helpers trapped and to defeat him needed the wizards help.
“I’m sorry I don’t feel the same....I’m sorry” Dashal said in Crystal’s ear as he let go off her waist by accident and fell to the floor of the horse. Crystal stopped her horse Snow who neighed and leapt up on to two feet sending Crystal hanging by the reign. She bravely got back on the horse and calmed Snow down as she was about to stomp at Dashal.
“Calm down girl its ok, calm down” she muttered in the horses ear and stroked Snow’s mane. After managing to calm down Snow, she leapt of the horse and ran to Dashals side. She helped him back up on to the horse jumped on made sure he had hold of her waist and trotted off again.

“What feelings was you meaning dashal? You are a cute elf I’ll give you that but I don’t know what you mean” she asked, but she knew very well what he meant and she did love him but would never admit it. She was afraid to show she cared
“I know the way you feel its the way you act towards me, I thought you loved me...” he replied. Crystal remained silent as the wind blew her hair and she put her free hand over the ones of the elf whos hand was around her waist to stop him from falling off, she took grip of his hand and turned a sharp corner.
“What do you think your doing?” Dashal proclaimed taking his hand out of Crystals grip. Crystal quick to react grabed Dashals arm
“Don’t do that you’ll fall of the horse and hurt yourself, I was making sure you wouldn’t fall off when Snow would take the sharp corner. I’m sorry...” she stopped abruptly as tall tower loomed above them. She got off Snow tied her up and motioned for Dashal to follow. Dashal slipped off Snow and followed Crystal silently. They entered through a massive door to find themselves in a darkened room with a fire lit at the other end and a shadow was by it.
“What can I help you with, you are a weary traveller its not often an elf travels here what brings you here?” the stranger asked. Crystal unsure of what to do stepped back and cowered, whereas Dashal boldly aproached to the stranger.
“We don’t want to ask of to much trouble but we have been told you can help us, we have trapped an enemy from the darkness and believe you can help us”Dashal announced
“We?” the stranger turned and saw Dashal was not alone, “ Who is this young maiden? Is she your lover? Its no often an elf and human travel this far together” he inquired
“She is not my lover, her names is Crystal, she comes from Sophers and I’am dashal I come from Unought the city of the elfs. We seek your help will you help us or not?” Dashal declared
“Hmmm I shall help you, I’am Viz, but we shall set off tomrow you both look weary, the fair woman looks like she going to faint of exhaustion the poor thing....” Viz walked over to Crystal, but Crystal was unsure of the stranger and once more stepped back from him, Dashal who saw the fear in her eyes grabbed Viz’s attention to stop him from going any nearer the fightened fair maiden.

“Stop, go no further you would not want to integrograte a tired woman would you Viz? Thanks for the kind invitation we really ought to go now, but if you insist we shall stay the night, but may I ask where will we sleep?” dashal boomed, Viz stopped where he was and turned around pulling his hood down to show his long grey hair and beard, his old weary brown eyes showed wisdom and he walked back towards the fire. Crystal breathed a sigh of relief and catching Dashals eye grinned at him, and mouthed the words “thank you” to him. Viz motioned for them to follow him and Crystal who indeed was weary, followed close behind Dashal. The old man took them to a big room with a very large window, the sunlight dabled the floor and ceiling in a brilliant golden yellow and there were two single four poster beds with purple drapes at all the sides. In a separate room there was a small room with a basin and toilet. Crystal went and stood by the window watching the birds in the sky. Dashal sat on one of the beds.
“You shall stay here, supper is at sunset, feel free to wonder around” and at that he shut the door and they heard his footsteps gradually fade in the distance.
“Its a beautiful view don’t you agree?” Crystal said in a tranced voice staring out the window, at the suns rays bubbling and dancing across the clouds. Dashal got up and stood besdie her look in the directions which she was.
“Yes it is...but Crystal why did you put your hand on mine while we was on Snow?” Dashal asked and he sat down with his back against the glass.
“I explained that already, I’m sorry if I done anything wrong I didn’t want you to fall of her” she explained, trailing off her sentence and watching the squirels in the trees she turned from the tree and headed for the door.
“Wait!”Dashal shouted after her, “Where are you going? I dont want you going anywhere on your own you could bump into Viz and by your eyes you are afraid of him”. She pretended not to hear him and slamed the door shut beofre taering down the corrdidor in tears, worried she had upset Dashal. Immediatly Dashal opened the door ran in the corridor to knock into ViZ.
“Hello, where was the girl going?” ViZ requested
“I don’t know I think I upset her, lets just leave her she’ll turn up for supper” Dashal returned into the room but didn’t realise that Viz had wandered in her direction. Crystal ran down any corridors she wanted and stopped running dryed her eyes, and tried to get her breath back. Viz had heard her and stalked her footsteps. Crystal unaware of the old man walked slowly sniffling trying to locate where she was. ViZ put his on on her shoulder, Crystal turned and punched him not realsing who it was.
“Ouch!!!” Viz stumbled back “I’am not trying to hurt you my child, your friend said for me to make sure you had come to no harm” Viz stood up and dusted his cloak off.
“Dashal told you to come? Why didn’t he come himself?” Crystal asked thinking her friend didn’t care about her because he knew she didn’t like Viz.
“I do not know why he didn’t come himself maybe he doesn’t care about you as much as you care about him” Viz said harshly
“Don’t talk nosence, what do you mean by that?” Crystal said looking at Viz in an odd manner
“Its obvious you love this elf, he just acts nice to you so you’ll stay content” Viz said coldly
“Your words are of sorrow your just jealous his at least my friend whereas you....” Crystal went to turn but the old man grabed her wrist
“Its the truth face it”he jeered and let go off Crsytals arm as she fled down the corridor. What Viz wanted to happen already had, he was trying to split the friends up so he could use the elf as a sacrifice and make the girl his wife, making the girl hate the elf would make his plan work.

Crystal contiued running down corridors and stairs and came upon a small room, she entered it and sat down on the floor. She wraped her arms around her legs and buried her head in to her knees, crying abit more. It wasn’t until the room began to darken that she realised it was supper time. She got up and crept down the corridors to find a dog bounding upto her, she fourtanetly had a connection with animals so they would not fear her and she told the dog to show her the way to the dinning chamber. Obediantly the dog trotted along the corridors and shown her an enourmous door. she pushed it open to find Dashal and Viz seated at a long table. She looked coldly at Dashal after believing Viz’s words and seated herself away from him. She gave him dirty and cold looks throught out the meal. After they had finsihed viz disaperared with the dishes and left the two on their own.
“Whats up with you Crystal? Why all the cold looks at me? What have I done?” he canvassed
“Oh like you already know!”She yelled jumping out of her chair,”I thought you cared about me why send him after me? Why not come yourself?” Viz who was watching this grinned his plan was working. Crystal headed for the door.
“WHAT!!!!” Dashal screamed and calmly said “I honestly have no idea what your talking about?” It was to late Crystals thundered footsteps could be heard through the still air. Crystal stormed across the corridors this time angry but she was staring at the floor and didn’t realise where she was walking. She walked straight into a door and fell back to the floor. Her hair formed a veil over her face she moved it out the way to see that the door she walked into was moving and a muffled voice was coming from behind it.
“omph humph fumph”It said. Unaware of this phenominum Dashal had headed to the room hoping to find Crystal there but entered an empty room. He sat by the window nd watched the darkness of night take over the trees and pondered at what Crystal had said. Back to the door Crystal got up and aproached the door.
“Hello? Whos in there? What the hell are you doing in a cuboard?” she questioned the door and carefully opened it. A young man jumped out knocking her back to the floor, he had jet black hair and chcolate brown eyes, along with a slender figure.
“Oh goodness I’m sorry!”he reached out a hand and helped Crystal up, “I’m called Ream, I’m the wizard of these premises and that ghastly Viz locked me in there. Ever since people have wandered here and Viz uses them as sacrifices and breaks their friendship we have to stop him!” he looked at Crystal and realised he had actually knocked over a young beatiful maiden.
“What? Viz had planned to break my friendship with my friend and use us as sacrifices? I can’t believe I believed him....” she trailed off her sentence and leaned against the wall. Her head rested on the stone and her hair tumbled down about her shoulders. Ream stared at this beautiful sight and was in love.
“He has tricked you? Hmmm this is bad news he will do the sacrifice to his god tonight.....we must get to your friend before he does and make your friend believe you hate him. May I ask what is your name fair lass? I shall help you” he said extending a hand. Crystal shook his hand and theirs eyes locked.
“I’am Crystal of Sophers, thank you for your help please can you distract Viz while I go see Dashal? I would really apreciate it.” She looked away from Ream and knew she loved him not.
“Yes of course your wish is my command” he swooped down and kissed her hand before turning and running down the corridor. Crystal whistled and the dog who had helped her beofre came running upto her and leapt into her arms. She whispered something in its ear and it jumped down and she followed the dog. Dashal by now was sat on the end of his bed with his head cradeled in his hands. Tears treakled down his face as he didn’t want to lose Crystals friendship, perhaps he thought to himself perhaps I love her too. He got up and stood in the same spot where Crystal had been. Maybe he thought again my love for her is blind.. Crystal by this time was jogging behind the dog and the dog haulted outside her room door. She thanked the dog and burst into the room, Dashal turned and smiled at her. She slammed the door in time to hear Viz’s footsteps. She ran over to Dashal and hugged him. Dashal was taken a back but put his arms around Crystal and stroked her hair, as tears tumbled down her face he hushed at her to stop crying and held her in his arms. He realised the feeling that had been haunting him for so long he loved her yet his mind told him not to say anything so he kept quiet.
“Dashal....”her face reapered out from Dashals chest, unwraping her arms from his waist stepped back and began “Dashal Viz is a fake his not the real wizard of this premises Ream is, I found him and oh its so horrible.” Crystal began but felt Dashals hand on her cheek and he stroked away her reamining tears. She moved his hand and explained what had happened and what Viz was planning to do. After she finished explaining a loud eruption came from the room across the hall. Crystal turned and went to run but Dashal stopped her by grabbing her wrist.
“Don’t go.....I don’t want to risk losing your friendship again or worse you we shall just leave quietly, grab your things” Dash whispered
“But Dashal we need Reams help”Crystal procalimed, struggling to get out of Dashals grip. At last she sucedeed, but instead of heading to the door she grabbed her bag,”Lets go I’ll leave a note for Ream your right” Dashal grinned at her grabbed his own bag and they both headed towards the door. After stepping outside Crystal took a deep breath of air and mounted on Snow. Dashal sat on the horse behind her and this time wraped his arm around Crystal rather tightly as if she was his precious cargo, but he tried to keep his flirting to a minimum he didn’t want a realtionship with Crystal. And if she knew how he felt he would be obliged to have a realtionship with her. They rode of into the dark night and Snow galloped across the plain. Their destination was Mirath. After traveling for what seemed ages Crystal fell asleep and her body leaned against Dashal. Dashal who was still awake looked at this maiden in awe at her beauty he wraped his arm and moved her body closer to him so she wouldnt fall. He took the rein out of her hand and took over. Crystal who thought in her sleep Dashal was a warm bed, snugled up with her head resting on his chest where his heart beat and her hands up by her head she was in a deep sleep. When first light appeared Dashal was suprisngly still awake and with crystal in his arms stopped for a rest and to sleep himself. He got off Snow and lifted Crystal gently down and rested her up against a rock and lied by her feet and fell into a deep slumber out of exhaustion. A while later Crystal awoke and felt the cold rock against her back she jumped up, but tripped over Dashals body, waking him, she fell to the floor. Dashal arowsed looked up. Seeing Crystals body imeddiatly thought she had been injured and grabed her waist lifting her up in his muscular arms. Crystal got out of Dashals grip and stood up perfectly fine on her own.

“Its nice to see your awake, before you ask we are on the outskirts off Mirath, it has been erupted by Orcs so I thought best to wait here, because orcs are just down the hill” he elucidation.
“WHAT!!!!”, she grabbed her sword and drew it from its sheath, “to battle!” she siad rasing her voice, and charged down at the orcs making them scatering.
“Crystal, NO!!!!” Dashal ran after her but an arrow hit his heart and he fell to the floor. Crystal finished of the orcs turned and seen his body on the floor and ran other to him. She imediatly plucked out the arrow and dragged him to safety.
“Crystal.....I’m dieing.....here take this.....to remeber me by....”Dashal whispered, indeed he was dying blood was pouring out from the wound and it was coming out fast. He placed a pendant in Crystals hand, and stroked her face before moving up and kissing her. Crystal sat by Dashal shocked, but took his hand.
“That pendant.....its for imortality and light.....I.....I feel the same way..he smiled and kissed her again, by this time a waterfall of tears erupted from Crystals green eyes”do you...do you love me..?” Crystal hesitated and was about to answer when she heard only her breath. She looked down at Dashal and shook him.
“Remember maybe.....maybe one day I shall return to this plain”his eyes grew dim and lifeless this time he was dead for sure. Crystal cried endless tears and stroked the elfs long hair and kissed his cold cheek. At that moment footsteps came behind her.
“He’s right you know” a familiar voice said “He can reutrn I have the power to do so but I need to know do you love him or me?. Crystal looked around to see Ream standing there. She didn’t know how to answer him she was to shy to admit she loved an elf, and she just stared at the ground.
“I cannot love anyone anymore, the darkness has been avenged in me I have no love left only sadness she stood up and sat on the rock where she had slept and stared at Dashals limp body.
“You know very well love can conquer all, the pendant will help please just answer the question it is of importance” Ream said strictly
“The pendant?” she opened up her hand and for the first time had the courage it was like looking at the pendant gave her new strength Yes,I love Dashal, more than words could describe” she atached the pendant to her chain, and done her best to dry her tears.
“I have my answers” and with that Ream and Dashals body disapered, somewhere in her head a voice spoke. Come back here tomorow at dawn she obeyed the voice mounted Snow and rode off. She had been riding all day, when without realising where she was she feel asleep at the stop where Dashals body had been lying. Birds calls filled the air, and Crystal turned over in her sleep, a body was pressed against her back, thinking she was half asleep she ignored it and turned back over. Opening her eyes she saw Dashals sleeping face, scared she screamed and scooted over to Snow, shaking. Dashals body stirred and he awoke.
“Oh, God I missed you!” he strode over to where Crystal was sat next to her and embraced her in his arms, I love you so much, Reams bought me back to share my life with you. That is what you want isn’t it? To reamin with me and no other man?” Crystal was so happy she felt a tear stream down her face.
“Hey your not upset are you?”Dashal asked wiping her tear away
“No, I’m so happy to see you, I love you Dashal I really do” she replied. And the sun rose in the back ground. As a new life began

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