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Crystals Story

A while ago in the country of Soham, down a small dark lane lived a young fair Maiden named Crystal. She lived on her own and was the beauty of Soham. She was wanted by all the single men in the village. But she didn’t want any relationships in that way. She had a perfect figure, long brown hair and turqoise eyes. She wore a long flowing white dress, and lived in a small cottage. She also had skills to communicate with animals, and was a brilliant sword fighter. On a mild winters morning an old wizard rode into town. He had a stuby short nose, wise grey eyes and short black hair. He had alot of stares from people but he eventually reached Crystals cottage. He dismounted of his horse, knocked on Crystal’s door and stood in silence. Crystal walked up to the door unsure of who it was, she wasn’t expecting any visitors but she opened the door to see the wizard.

“May I help you sir?” she asked
“Yes, I need your help and have been sent here to get you”the wizard replied, “it is very important”.
“Oh would you like to come in you can tell me over some Bala”She motioned for the wizard to come in, who followed her through to the kitchen. Crystal busied herself with some cups.
“Oh sit down, I shan’t be a minute”She said
“Forget the bala”The wizard said sternly,”I’m Misiq a wizard, me and my friends nead your help.” Crystal put down the mugs turned around, and her eyes sparkled in the sunlight which was flooding through her window.
“Well what can I do? I don’t understand how I can help”she said. Crystal sat down on a seat next to Misiq and sat quietly.
“We need your help. Your animal skills are required for our needs. You were the only person, who can communicate with them. Please come with me.”the wizard begged. Crystal sat in silence thinking, she hung her head and stared at the floor. Her hair tumbled down around her shoulders. Misiq looked at her sternly with deep consern. Eventually the silence was broken.
“Yes, I will come this viallge has no need for me. Can I pack a few things and say some goodbyes before we depart Misiq?”she questioned.
“Hmmm”The old man said,”Yes but be quick and pack only of what you need”. Obediantly, Crystal ran to her room and came out about half an hour later with a small bag, bow and arrows, and her sword.
“My child may I ask your name? the person who recomended you said no name just that you was a fair maiden”Misiq inquired.
“I’am Crystal, now sir if you don’t mind I would like to prepare my horse and say a few good byes.” Crystal ran out the house and was gone for quite sometime. While Misiq sat deep in thought. Night began to fall.

"I’m ready to depart sorry I took so long”Crystal apologized.
“Its alright Crystal we must set off at once”Misiq commanded. Crystal put on a necklace and ring and headed for the door. Misiq followed her quietly, and Crystal mounted on Snow her horse and Misiq mounted on his horse Misty. They galloped off in silence and Misiq took the lead as Crystal followed quietly behind. They travelled for a day and a half, and finally reached their destination. Misiq dismounted from Misty and whistled a strong, sharp noise. Crystal dismounted and lead Snow over to where Misiq was standing. In the distnace three people appeared over the horizon. Two Elfs and one man. They walked over and spoke to Misiq so quietly Crystal couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then they turned to face Crystal.
“Hi, I’m Dashal”said a tall elf with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair.
“I’m tack” said a fairly small man about the same height as Crystal with short brown hair and hazel eyes.
“And I’am Ayrn”said the other elf who had long brown hair and green eyes. Crystal looked at them each in turn, and smiled.
“I’m Crystal nice to meet you all” she said polietly. Dashal looked at Crystal and caught her eye, smiled and winked at her.
“Now that we are all aquainted we have to get there quick.”Misiq said wisely and blew another sharp whistle and two horses came from the west. One was total black and the other was brown with a white diamond on its forehead.
“This is Shadow and Diamond”Misiq said as the horses approached him.
“But Misiq there are four horses and five of us. someones going to have to pair up.” Crystal pointed out. Misiq thought for a while but Aryn interupted the silence.
“I’ll share with someone. Crystal would you mind if paired up with you on your magnificent horse?” Aryn asked.
“No, I wouldn’t mind.”Crystal answered and Aryn smiled.
“It is decided then”Misiq said rasing one hand, and he mounted on to his horse. In turn Dashal mounted on Shadow and Tack on Diamond. Crystal got up on Snow and helped Aryn up behind her.
“May I ask, what is the horses name?”Aryn whispered in her ear.
“Shes called Snow, but one question persists in my mind where are we going and why do you need me?”Crystal queried.
“We are going to Ream to wipe out the veil thats growing there and we need your help because some animals hold valuable information and some are spies”Aryn explained,”By the way your horse has a wonderfull name like its owner”. Crystal smiled and all of a sudden realised the others had already set off.
“Hold on”She muttered and Aryn wrapped his arms around Crystals waist.

Crystal kicked Snow lightly. Snow bolted across the grass and in no time had reached the others. They all trotted in silence. Crystal felt a hand around her hand tht was free and she turned about to ask Aryn what he was playing at.
“Your hand is cold”he said quickly as Crystal turned about to speak. She took her hand out of Aryn’s grasp, and grabed the rein with it. So now this way, Aryn couldnt touch either of her hands, because they were on the horses rein. Aryn secretly loved Crystal but didn’t say anything. He wanted her love so badly, and didn’t give up with her. Crystal then felt a kiss caress her neck, she turned around sharply and looked at Aryn sternly.
“What do you think your playing at? If you don’t stop I shall ride on my own!” she said halting Snow. Aryn looked taken aback at Crystals words but hesitantly said he would stop.
“Is everything ok you two?” Dashal said aproaching them. Crystal looked at him and the sun began to rise and light and shadow dabled his face.
“Yes yes everythings fine Dashal”Crystal quickly said smiling and followed Dashals horse ignoring Aryn who was whispering apologises in her ear. About a week of weary travel, they all finally reached the outskirts of Ream. The moon was glowing brightly and the stars where twinkling dimly.
Misiq halted, and put his hand up in signal for the others to stop. Tack was the first to see Misiq in the darkness and halted. In turn Dashal halted and Crystal stopped Snow. Misiq dismounted and turned to face the others.
“At last we have arrived on the outskirts of Ream. We shall rest here tonight.”Misiq said and sat on the floor. Tack and Dashal dismounted. Crystal inturn slipped gracefully off the horse, and Aryn jumped off. Tack sat next Dashal and they spoke quietly to one another. Aryn stayed standing next to Crystal and Misiq approached them.
“Crystal your skill has come in handy throughtout this time but could you go and talk to that bird over there?” Misiq
“Yes of course” Crystal turned and was about to walk away but a hand grabbed her wrist.
“I shall go with you”Aryn said bravely.
“Aryn what is it with you? I’ll be ok I can go places on my own, afterall I’ve lived on my own for 10 years I’m able to fend for myself”She said drawing her sword and placing it back in its sheath. Aryn let go of her.
“Just be carefull” he whispered. Crystal nodded and walked causally over to the bird and put her hand in front of it and whispered something. The bird than began to squak in an unuasul fashion.

Crystal stayed standing with her hand infront of the bird for quite some time.
“The bird has told me that the darkness is still in its prime and if we strike first thing at dawn it says we can wipe out the darkness. The bird also tells me that they’re are some people captured and being held prisoner in the heart of the city” Crystal explained.
“What about the city dwellers?” asked Dashal stepping out so he was in moonlight.
“They are all hiden thorughtout the city if you ask me we ought to attack tommorow at first light while the darkness is still in its prime”Crystal replied. Misiq thought for a while and said,
“We will do as Crystal says. For now get some sleep.” Misiq settled on the floor and fell in to a deep sleep.
“Good night you three”Tack said and turned over and shut his eyes.
“I’ll see you to in the morning”Dashal said and laid on the floor. Crystal sat next to Dashal and laid back staring at the sky. Aryn lied next to her and watched her face in abyssal awe.
“Good night Aryn” she said turning so her back was facing him.
“Good night Crystal”Aryn replied. Crystal fell asleep and Aryn was the only one awake. In her sleep Crystal turned over and was facing directly in Aryns direction. Aryn gently kissed Crystal on the lips and she stirred a bit but just sighed and carried on sleeping peacefully.
“Good night my love”Aryn whispered to her and fell into deep slumber.

The sun rose on a crisp morning and Misiq and Tack were already awake.
“Wake the others while I do breakfast”Misiq instructed Tack. Tack nodded and shoke Dashal. Dashal stirred and sat up.
“Morning” he said merrily and scooted over to Crystal. He shook her gently but she didn’t stir so he went over to Aryn and shook him sharply. Aryn rowsed immediatly.
“Could you wake Crystal please? I need to go see Dashal”Tack asked.
“Yeah sure”Aryn replied strecthing. Tack went back to Dashal leaving Aryn on his own next to Crystal. He pulled out a lily from behind him and shook Crystal. She didn’t rowse, so he put his cheek to her mouth to check she was still breathing. She was. He shook her a bit rougher and harder and eventually after three time of shaking her, she finally blinked and sat up. Aryn gave her a plate with the lily on it and her breakfast. He smiled at her.
“Morning sunshine, don’t mind if I brush your hair while you eat up?”he asked cheerfully,”We need to get going as soon as possible. It will be quicker”.Crystal looked at Aryn.
“Yes if you must”, she said passing him a brush. Aryn gently brushed Crystals soft silky hair and took the lily placing it in her hair like an ornament. She finished her breakfast, and stood up disturbng Aryn who had been stroking her hair this whole time. The others were ready and mounted their horses. Aryn mounted on Snow and helped Crystal up.
“I’ll ride Snow today you’ve been riding her all this time take some rest, my lil flower”he said stroking her cheek. Crytsal grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes, with a heavy evil look.
“Just ride”she said sternly.

Tack rode next to Miriq and Dashal rode next to Aryn and Crystal. They were moving in this orderly form so they could barge through any crowds of the dark terings. Dashal looked at Crystal and Aryn to realise what Aryn had been doing the whole time with Crystal. He watched them as Aryn put his hand on Crystals and she moved her hand sighed and realised Dashal was watching. She jerked her head quickly for Dashal to forget what he saw which he did but a while later saw Aryn do the same and Crystal looking unhappy. It suddenly clicked in Dashals mind, Aryn had been philandering with Crystal and she didn’t like it. He turned and trotted close enugh so he could whisper quietly in Crystal’s ear without Aryn noticing.
“Do you want Aryn to get on my horse? You look awfully upset and I don’t blame you for what hes doing.”Dashal looked into her eyes with deep concern. Crystal stared back their eyes were locked for a split second but Crystal broke the gaze.
“He wont move, Dashal. Nothing you can do will make him leave me alone even if he did switch horses hes behaviour will remain the same. Don’t worry I can handle it” she said boldly. And Dahsal felt himself be amazed that he was begging to fall in love with Crystal at her sheer braveness and the way she handled situations even pretty rough ones like now. He thought nothing of the feeling and brushed it aside but rode close to Snows side to keep an eye on Aryn.

Crystal heard an arrow blow past her and she turned to see a whole crowd of terings to the west. She grabbed her bow and arrow and had already shot one down, before the others realised. She shoot another arrow wack THUD it landed deeply in a tering who fell. Dashal looked at her in shock about how quick she had reacted.
“RIDE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!”Crystal Yelled, “I’LL TAKE CARE OF THE TERINGS”. She shot another arrow quicker than you can blink and the horses sped up. Crystal shot arrow after arrow but the terings still pursued. An arrow flew and hit Dashal.
“STOP THE HORSE ARYN!!” she screamed. Aryn disobeyed and carried on riding. “Fine I’ll do this myself” she said standing on the horse.
"No....Crystal don’t be mad you know I can’t stop....”Aryn began but it was too late Crystal leapt of the horse and rolled down the grass bank.

“Dahsal got shot. Crystal jumped of the horse to help him” he said in dismay and hung his head at the loss.
“You fool!!!” Misiq proclaimed, “That girl was our only hope to complete the quest, come we must hope she returns.” They sped off.

Mean while Crystal was slaughtering terings and Dashal lay helpless not believing all he could do was watch. Crystal called out in an unusaul language and pressings appeared. Pressings where majestic bold good willing creatures and, Crystal had called them to help. The terings ran away in fear and Crystal knelt by Dashals side. She plucked out the arrow and covered his wound with care.
“Crystal....I’am dieing here take this to remember me by”he shoved a pendant in her hand, “it will help you.” A tear streamed down Crystals face, and Dashal took her hand.
“Maybe one day we shall.....walk togther again....on this plain......I......I Love you”he took a deep breath, Crystal gripped onto his hand and a waterfall of tears swept down her face. Dashals heart seized and he stopped breathing. Crystal cried out in sadness and put Dashals Body on his horse and rode off.

“Did you hear that?” Misiq said quickly hearing Crystals cry.
“Yeah it sounds like Crystal” Tack said looking around.
“I hope shes ok” Aryn said begging to fel the burden of guilt lay upon his shoulders. Fast galloping and tears being shred came from behind them. They all turned around to see Crystal and Dashals limp dead body leaning against her chest. She caught up with them and haletd in front of them.
“Dashal needs help if we get him help quick he can be revived”Crystal said quickly, “I have the ring and pendant”
“Crystal can I talk to you privately for a sec?”Aryn said
“Why yes of course” she replied and Aryn lead her to a quiet spot.
“Look I can revive Dashal seeing as you have the right stuff, But only if you answer me this one question. Do you love me?” he asked sternly.
“I don’t love you Aryn I’ve told you before”Crystal said.
“Damn it, here give me the tools and Dahsals body and go I need silence to perform this”. Crystal done as she was told and she rode over to the others on Dashals horse.

A couple of minutes later.
“Crystal can I have my horse back?” a familiar voice said behind her. Crystal turned around and seen Dashal. She leapt off his horse and hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“I missed you.” she whispered in his ear embracing him in her arms.

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