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Verse I
I live in the silence of the night
Wrapped in it
Suffocating from its paranoia
Never knowing, just believeing
Something good will come

I sit alone in the emptiness
Even that vanquishes from around me
Leaving me desertless to lies

If only you were here to save me
If only I could run from my past
Runaway leave it a blur in the sky
But somethings holding me back
It wont let me go now

Wanting you
I try to grasp your heart beat
Seeing you
I wrap myself in your arms
Losing you
I'm being pulled under by these scars

Verse II
Once more the scream surronds me
I listen to its song
Beckoning my heart to contort to wrong
Just believing, always hoping
Something good will come

A tear betrays my face
Washing the reality away
I lie beyond awakening, numb



Verse III
I know not of the truth
But the spinning chaos
It became my reality
Always hoping, trying to see
The good thing that will come

Anguish unleashes within
I try not to give in
But the temptations to great, I fall


Verse IV
I call your name
Why arent you there, why arent you there??
I see you leave
Running from me too
Just like everything
Times not the greatest healer
Your words were never true
Just lies keeping me from you

I lie here alone in a rampant out beat life
I gave it my everything and lost the race
My pace is slowing, I can't keep up
So I stop and go back to my former self
And the cutting of these scars.