Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Why Do You Do This

Save me before I cascade into misery
My tears panick streaken slice my face
Leaving dappled purified bitter cuts
I have to discard our friendship
But I cant I'm still clinging on
Like a helpless limpit stuck in an angry sea
Thats what I'm like bound and confined to you
Yet you keep getting furios at me
Like a fire ball entangled in darkness
Why do you do this?

Help me from this desolant darkness
Before I go in to far from help
Fears play vividly before me
Your admist them
I'm to worried to move or speak
Unless you get distraught and me meak
Your like a lost song
Words dont rhyme
Rythm doesnt go
Just a lost soul twilighting in the music
Yet you still consist to fight and moan
Why do you do this?

Rescue me from the darkness within
Yet you push me and lock the only exit
I fall to the ground and sit alone
A tearless face covered with bitterness
With all the tears I'd saved over the years
Come spilling out
I call clearly your name
No reply bounds back
You leave me in this deserted domain
Why do you do this?
That question still lingers in my head
Un-answered I shiver from the cold
The walls surronding me are built upon hatred
Made by you, left to stand by you
Like me
I was made from you
Now I'm left here alone
To die.


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