Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

What You put Me Through

Why phony excuses?
Why bluff lies?
Why is it your out to put me through amiss?
After all I've done
I've stayed by you even though we arent one
I've stayed your friend
I even spent my precious time with you on my mind
Yet you still continue to push me away

Excuses, excuses
They drive me mad
Lies, lies
Dragged along in a tragedy

Control, thinking you have it
When infact you have no idea
Not even the slightest of what control means
I live my own life
Played by my rules
Yet you still think you have control

You have no idea
Of the depression I'm in
Broken hearts healed by knives
I obey the voices within
I'm going mad beyond repair
Yet you, you arent there
Thats the problem you have
In that thick head of yours
You expect me to give and keep on giving
That you dont have to pay me back
You expect to live and keep on living
Like I'm a doll that never gets hurt or dies

Thats far from the truth
Excuses, excuses
More lies, more thoughts of you
You dont have the slightest clue
Of what you put me through


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