Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

The Pain

This pain I've tried killing for so long
All I got was more, more
So much pain I want to die
Bleeding, screaming, cutting
Why did you do this?
You battered me, bruised me
Expecting me to bounce back
I lie alone
No means to come back to living
No means to go back to the dead
Just lieing balancing, inbetween dreams

I chase dreams so much
No real world exsists
Tourniquets, repent
God always used to smile upon me
When I was a child
Now he frowns and calls me sinner
Sat among the clouds how easy a job he has
Sitting there being praised for sitting on his ass
I need chirst to save me in my time of need
No one here I'm on my own
I dont think I'll suceed
Will I be repented? Christ?
Death, grim reaper, knife, blood
My suicide.


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