Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


Why do I seem to hate myself?
Its like no-one cares about me
I help them
I'm there for them
Yet there never here for me
Stars glimmer a dull gloomy twilight
The moon gleams a deathfull glare
I sit alone in the darkness
Watching the cloudless sky

Everyones life is so much better
Why can't I take there life?
Swap lives with a popstar
Whom gets happiness for free
Why wont God answer my prays?
Doesnt he have time for me?
Questions, questions resound in my head
My troubles no-one takes in
If I had cuts on my wrist who would notice? no-one
I might as well be dead

My only company a blood striken silver sabre
Which has met my sorrows before

The steel comes down caressing my skin
A flicker of the wind
Rain pecks the glass
My only concourse inflicts dainty scrawls
Like writing on a wall

Hearing voices in my head
Do it, do it again
Delving the knife yet deeper
Deeper below my skin
So deep that crimson regret spills
Full of betrayl and hate
A hazy world sacrificed
As my whole life crashes down
Sparkles of an energy flowing away from me
Like a river
A bright vibrant light like a tunnel
A darkness fills my soul
I'm turned into the firey depths of hell
Where the devil taunts all.


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