Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


I wrap myself back up
In my warm encasing ice
I sit there crying
Looking my strife in the eye
I wish I could morph
Turn into a butterfly
Fly away from my troubles
Fly away free
I know that'll never happen
Its just me on my own
To face the world alone
I wish I could be happy
Be young and care free
It'll never happen
Its just me

Why would someone want to make me happy?
Cast my wishes true?

A breath upon the water
My withered heart shivers back to life
One hand peering upon my prison
one hand held against my heart
not wanting to lose my life
I try to see what fears lie beyond
And to see what blur the future holds

No longer moving forward
No longer moving back
I stand still in time
No longer having a past

I wish I could be happy
I wish wasn't depressed
I lay here wrecthed
Enclosed in my crystalised complexion

I wish I was a butterfly
So I could fly away free
I wish I was anyone
Anyone but me.


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