Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Tear Swept Eyes

What happened to this darkness
That I once craved?
Why has it left me staring in to nothing
My eyes hollowing a reality
Washing a vanquished dream
Wishing away serenity
Wanting the pain to make me scream

It left me there in the darkness
Vowing to never return
And now this eternal vaccum has engulfed me

I grasp to try and free myself
To clutch my cure
Something pulled me out
Caring for me as I lay crying on the floor

As I looked up through my tear swept eyes
You were there wiping away my tears
And holding me in comfort,
Saying theres nothing to fear

I never knew I could feel like this
Hearing your heart beat all my depression isnt missed
Its like I was once a dark bird
Now continued with a new cheerful morning song

As I looked up at you through my tear swept eyes
Feelings locked within danced inside
I couldn't help what I felt, but love was growing

As I looked up at you through my tear swept eyes
I never thought I'd have your heart to hold
I never thought that inside you
You'd have love for me too.


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