Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Leave Me

Everytime I turn a corner
Everytime I turn a page
My memorys still there
The past still haunts me

I find it hard to cry
I've cried my eyes to death
Theres nothing no one can do
But leave me

Just leave me alone to be weak
Leave me here in a desolant darkness
So I can suffer and die

As tears finally fall
The pain builds up
The wall will never break down

The fear and anger full of monstrosity
Climbs higher till its taken over me

You wont have to watch my oppresion
Soon there'll be nothing left to watch
Once I'm gone you'll move on
I know you'll love someone else

Please don't tell me its not true
I know the real answers
I know you
As time slowly pentrates in to the land of the dead
So will our love and leave me alone in hell desolant

I hold my breath
As more tears tremble down from my desert eyes
I look at your picture and wish it all to leave

Why is this pain still here?
Why is the suicide note still written?
What the fucking hell is wrong with me?

Everything imprisons me
I'm attacking myself
Just left here in the darkness
So I can die all over again.


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