Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


Suffering hardship
Lack of love
I'm left here injustice
I'm left here with blood

As the racist storm triumphants the world
I'm left all alone
With love thats unfurled

Standing here empty
Lost among the brink
All the pain and torture
Mixed feelings within
Bellow out upon my scream
As hatred and jealousy shower on down
The world has no hope
Its drowning in the hands of no affection

Suffering wrongly
Lack of justice
I'm left here unloved
I'm left here with blood

Prejudice takes hold
I stumble and fall,
Without knowing why
Being judged before known
This life falls around me
As to the world I once knew

The injustice world
Is left with battered bruised scars
Pain that wont heal
Times no longer the healer
Nothing can be the healer
Except for mans bloody hands.


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