Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Ablaze and Aphotic

All I breathe
Is all you see

A light that threatens me
Scoop's the darkness away
Shifts the balance from left to right
Grip on tight, try not to lose control

Although you think all light is good
Its not

Without no dark there is no light
I'd become a calleous shell of my former self
So when I'm kicking and screaming
Don't steal my solitude away


Light never comes without a shadow
Night always follows day
The same way everywhere you go I follow
My darkness must perceive the light

Don't hate me because I get depressed
Don't love me because you think that if you don't
I'll drop

Just like me and hold me
Protect me and kiss me
Be there for me
And I'll promise I'll be alright


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