Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


Your blind
Why cant you see?
Why have you blinded yourself from this
True loves grace
Is right at your finger tips
Yet you are like a musician
Who just cant grasp notes and watch them play
Your a singer to sure of yourself
So you just walk away

Lfe for you is like a spinning wheel
Same positions, same words
Its all just different foul play
You can't break the mould that youve set yourself in
Your getting tired, old
Why cant you be free?
Fly away from this lingering day
Escape from its blistering sunset

Admiration for courage
Jealousy for lust
You want it all
But you tire and bore
Then the thing you wanted.....
You no longer want it no more

Sweet talking words
Charm and embrace
For you
Love no longer has the same taste.


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