Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


I've thought a thousand times of how I could say these words to you
But everytime I try to figure it out it turns out to go wrong
And the words that had inspired me turn to mould
Cleverly witted you say I'm good with words
As I whisper into the wind and un knowing minds
'Your my hero
Because even though it may be raining
And the sun doesn't always shine
You always put a rainbow in my sky'

Thinking, thinking
Times ticking ticking, and someday it will run out
How to express emotions in black and white?
Gliding sequences
Lines and curls
They'll never be able to represent my heart

People have tried to capture beauty and love
In so many ways
To capture an essence is hard
To capture love in a word is impossible

The only words I can seem to find is
You saved me, I craved you
I'd go to hell and back just for one kiss and hug
Together we promised
Never to part, and even though we cannot fulfill this dream yet
One day it will be reality

So the sun can die
And the rain can storm the worlds
But I always know
You'll put a rainbow in my sky.


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