Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


I dwell on that night
Wind howling and blustring outside
I found out we was history
You think and feel alone undesirable to me
But your never alone are you?
Never never never
I lie in a vitiate mess
Wondering where our existence had flown to
It was all like a dream
I was a lost in a veil of insight
I had to be or so I expected
I obliterated what truth was

Whats real?
Us not being together
Thats real
Why did you leave me?
You wont tell me, you dont know
But you must do
Answers are never forgotten
Just not visible to human eyes
The answer is always there
Deep down you know they are
Just resemble, it will be there

You mislead me all the time
You dont know why you left me
But I know you do
Only you grasp the answers
In the darkest corner of your mind
Just because those reaons you cant face
You reject the answer
You reject our memorys
You tried to erase them
But they are always there
Nothings ever forgotten
The answer is there
But your too tired to remember
Too tired too tired too tired

I feel hurt and lost
In an emotional maze
Except this time
Your not here to save me
Lost here forever
Till the end of dawning time
Your heart will always be in mine
Unable to let go
Your heart will always be in mine


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