Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Haunting Words

1st view

Haunting words whisper
Resounding in my head
"His lieing its true his going to dump you"
Unknown of what to think
Unknown of what to do
My mind still lingers on those thoughts of you

I'm not a fool no more
That voice in my head was true
You thought you could drag me along
Didnt you?
But you failed as pain staken tears fall
This time from you

A madened rage within my eyes
I let your spirit go
And watch it pass me
I say goodbye that one last time
As your spirit leaves me
As you leave me
For the very final time.

2nd view

You grab my throat
I know I shouldnt of lied
But my heart it told me to
It betrayed me so I left you

The knife left your hand
And delved into my soul
I grip about for reality
But end up letting go

My spirit floats above you
A evil grin
I'll never put anyone through that much pain again
I've learnt my lesson and so have you
Don't kill those that decide to go

I watch my bloodied head hit the floor
I'm not blue no more
But stained a red
Streaked a cold blood red.

3rd view.

A girl holds a boy
His so limp its like a toy
Her arm raises and the knife falls
Blood spurts up like a fountain

what once bright blue
Turn to a deppend crimson
A river flowing flooding the floor
The boys life is no more
The girl maddened stands above
The floor floods tieing around her feet
This boy once happy
Now his death he meets.


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