Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Goddess Of Nothing

A tall figure
Seen escorting the world
Black forth flowing clothes
Cladden in silver rags
This is her the goddes of nothing

Her flowing hair
Like a shimmering flowing river
Rocks of pearl essence hidden beneath
This beaufitul creature of the earth
The charmer of annihilation

Her eyes
Deep and glowing
Shimmer in the sunlight
The colour of lilac flowers
The pupil leads deep into her soul
Or so I have been told
Still wandering the divinity of oblivion

The goddess of nothing
Still nothing
Always nothing
She never rules anything in particular
Just things as she passes them by

Her vexations tick away in her mind
Like sand slippin throught fingers of time
The beautiful woman of the earth
Bound to the cozmos by her symbolization of emptiness
She still remains lost in her time


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