Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


A ghost full of informing secrets
Hidden morbid lies
I reach out to brush
To feel whats inside
Yearning the darkness desire
Burning the darkness inside

I reach out to examine
Trembling must reach
All I grasp is delicate air
The ghost has gone to return
Leaving me with vanquished embays

I go through the day
Somethings being drawn from my heart
Somethings missing
A latent thing I know not
Yet once its gone
I knew it exsisted

Dreaming, waking
Waking, dreaming
Reach out to touch

The ghost moves on once more
In my dreams I always see it
I always see her

Hollow eyes, angry and dark
Flowing white hair
Madened scream
Long nose
Dark eye brows

The ghost moves on once more
I try to touch her once more

She moves on
Waiting when I wake
To come out at night again
To haunt my dreams

I reach out to touch
But I know she's not there.


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