Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Even In Death

*jedi gemstone*
Where has my heart gone?
My breath has been taken
My body lost in a decomposing state
Even in death
No-one remembers my name
Its like I never exsisted
My missing heart I feel still blistered.

*knight fairy*
Even in death
A life drawn word of living still eats at my skin
Like the crows filtering the wind
Helpless in darkness' grasp
I'm beging to be invested by death
No one cares wether I stand living or stand in death
All see me with no need to no whats left
But I am still here
I am alive
Shifting with shrouded lightless need
I know where the path was last
I know where the shadow did mass.

*jedi gemstone*
Even in death
I see lifes path before me
It used to get brigther everyday
But now its only fading
Like the child I used to be
Fear and hatred lies among me
Like bones of a rotting skeleton
Shrouded in mystery my life is at end.

Even in death
I have no happiness
Only you who smiled grimly
Like the reaper stood before me
One swift motion
I lie in rags before those rags of his own
Drapped across his empty bones
Now I'am too
Dead like you
You may be living
You may be flesh
But your heartless inside, no heart
Like me, like I once used to be.


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