Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

The Dream Of You And I

My souls lost in a void
A black space full of defiance
I wonder if things will ever change
When will you stop hating me?
Its like the harder try
The deeper your hatred grows
I might as well jump in
Bury myself alive
Away from the love and warmth
All that I've known
You wouldn't give a damn
You gave up on me
A long time ago
Thats why you do it
In my head I hear a vulgar scream
It betrays my thoughts
Portrays my dreams
Saying you love me
I know the truth
Eternity lays before me
I'm unsure of what to do
Hesitantly I walk forth
Holding dear to me that matters
I hold on to my soul
And everything I cherish
But most f all what I hold on to
Is the fantasy that still thrives
The beat that still pounds within my heart
Its the only thing thats kept me alive
The dream of you and I.


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