Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


I see you cry
As my spirit floats by
If only I could turn back time
If only I could be me
I'm dead to the world now
Dead to me
Dead to you
If only I could be real
Hold you once more in my arms
To kiss those tender lips of yours
I'd give anything.

I see you stand by my grave
Flowers dropping in your hand
The rain thunders down
Lightning whips the sky
Thats why the sky crys these harsh hail tears
Death is painfull
Watching loved one goes
I wish I could be real
Be with you once more
Hold your body close to mine
If only I could turn back time.

I try to reach out to you
I forgot I was dead
My hand went right through you
Youve become a pale mist in my hands
I'm a lifeless being
No longer a being but a missing life
A missing soul
I wish my bones would be wrapped among my skin
I wish I was a living thing
If only god would hear these prayers
If only they would be answered.


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