Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Sorrows Complexion

Crystal clear eyes
A sharp twisted nose
Soft suttle lips
Tears strewn among its hair
A envious creature is the sorrow
Never living, never really there

Surviving from the godly daggers
Which devours its life vCast into sin and oblivion
Death trying to take its life

Hidden in life's waters
Vanquished from dreams
Left in the darkness of nightmares
Sharp, cold
The knifes blade bears the crown
All shall fall to it
Those who repent, cry bitter red tears

The rain falls down and glistens
Pattering like fairies bouncing along the ground
Fluttering along the ground swiftly
Floating in a river
Like a golden hope entrancing away

Sat by the edge
Staring at its crooked complexion
There is sorrow
Never living, never really there.


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