Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


Facing reality
The hardest thing in life
Out comes the truth
The hurt and the lies
No-one's around to save you from yourself

In reality
You have to watch what you say
Dont do crimes
Be good, and you'll have a great life
Who the hell said that?
Lifes never as good as it seems
Theres always the downfall after the sunshine
The same as the say theres always the rainbow after the rain
Weres this rainbow they say exsists?
I've never seen it, must be a myth
Something made up so people stay alive
Something made up so people dont commit suicide

Is always the truth
Thats why it never makes sence
Lies and deceit are mixed in between
And happiness rarely comes
When it does eventualy come it vanishes in an instant
Like a candle being blown out
Happiness and hope was lost in the wind
They remain a mere essence of life
What takes up most of life is forlorn secrets

Deep feelings egnight
Hiding these feelings aint easy
seeing as I cut my wrists because of it
What to do in the summer sun
When the cuts will be twilighting enjoying the heat
But I know what I need to enjoy it all more
The pain of it all
The pain of reality

I guess is not so bad
As long as there's pain
Baracades from the hurtfull truth
I think I'll survive.


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