Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Loves Oblivion

Lights twinkling
Curse into oblivion
As I fall in to the surrounding darkness
I don't know what to do
With you on my mind
All I want to do is go back
Go back to the past
Go back to those days
Go back to the happiness
Before it all went away

Traveling back now I remember us
You smiling like you always did
Us holding hands in the park
Us, us , us
What happened to us?
Cast into neglect
Along with the light

Without you
I'm standing in the dark
A luminous place
In the light I created
Of what was left in my life
Your picture just there

Your crisp ice eyes
Were I would carefully tread
Seeing your soul

Brown waving hair
Smooth and gentle
I used to play with it
When we was us

I crumple to the floor and stare
I can't get us out of my head
What happened?
Where did we go wrong?
could you tell me where we stand?

Trying to get your entracing vision
Away from me
I shut my eyes your there
I can't escape you

Tender smile
Pearly white teeth
I'm being pulled under again
Bathed in our memories
Lavishing my skin

Reality comes to me and my vision fades
Cast into torture
A sky made out of a dreary fantasy
Rain tips from aloft
What to do now
I just don't know

My dreams have been invaded
Dwindled and faded
Like the stars I wish to be
Cast into the midnight sky
Bringing hope
Bringing smiles
Not bringing depression
Upon my life

I sit alone in our empty house
Its been hollow with lies
Since you walked out
All my friends think I'm satisifed....
They can't see my soul
What would they know?

An everlasting rainfall
A knock on the door
Sad and faded
I wish it would be you

My heart knows not
Which way to turn
Down the path loves a land mine
Tread carefully back to you
I sit alone, not daring to move
In the dark, away from you.


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