Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

The Dragon

Once a wonderfull creature
Met the fate of his days
When seasons changed from autumn to winter
The dragon elegantly graced the lands
Delicately grasping rocks for survival
Winter breezes swiftly blow harshly

The beast stooped over the crusty rock
The ice touched his back and took over
By command of the frozen equinox
Icicles cling to his jaw

There sits the fiend
Frozen in the midst of time
Staying dormant
Its yellow eyes crystal clear
Staring towards the descended giver of light
Its arched over pityless rocks
Its grey scales gravely gleam in the chill
The rigid spikes upon its back stands elite
His tail damp below the snow
Its claws unite with the rocky terrain
And its feet ubscured under the frostiness

Once a sublime creature
Wandered his days so celestially
Not expecting winter to arrive
Now lost in the mountains
A monument to its kind standing there
Frozen in his time.


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