Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say


Now I lie among the broken stones
Wishing you'd come back
Wanting to die
Like a new horizon in my life
That never dawned
I want to feel cared for again.

As my life drifts slowly by
I strongly want my life to end
Something inside keeps me going
Continuing in this world of pain
Why wont happiness enter
Like that happiness you used to bring.

Hollow bones lie scatterred around
My body lies broken un-found
My spirit sits and weeps
Dreaming of meetin you once again
Hoping you'd left that knife
Not recked my body with strife.

Even though you stopped my life
I still love you
Like a yearning desire to see you
Its stupid I know
No matter how much pain you put me through
I still stayed I really did love you.


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