Jedi's Poems, Words I Wanted To Say

Argumentive Mess

Why dont you say it to my face?
Why say it behind my back?
When I come to ask
If what I'd heard is true
You say nothing and stalk off
Ignoring me is your only real escape
Because you can't handle my anger
Piercing at your heart
You can't handle my hurtfull comments
Becasue I know and you know, they hurt you
You continue to ignore me
Get on with your life
How could you ever mean to cause such strife

A pearl and oyster
Caught in a stormy sea
Thats you and me
Except the oyster is not needing the pearl
And lets it out off in an anger hurt world

Comments hurled
Like bombs intruding the enemy
Beyond enemy lines no way back
Can't take back words destructive sound
You runaway before I get back at you
The room fell silent when you left
And scattered across the room
Is our argumentive mess.


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